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NEW D60 in Chocolate Buffalo leather!

The Deluxe 60 is a 2” strap crafted with a dual ply blend of robust leather with a beautiful naturally textured surface. No bonded leather of paper thin splits here! Given the intense demands live rock performance places on a strap, the surface of the Deluxe 60 has just a bit more finish than our regular naked leather. This […]

The history of guitar straps

Straps for guitars have been around for well over a century, and their development has paralleled that of the instrument itself. Early guitarists often took a seat while strumming their guitars. Since this was the case, a guitar strap wasn’t necessary. Straps weren’t really needed until the early 20th century, when guitarists started playing their […]

What is leather tanning?

Leather is a resilient and useful material that has been used for a number of things for millennia, including clothing, footwear, and accessories. Leather tanning is the process of turning raw hide or skin into leather. In order to preserve the hide or skin and make it more resilient and resistant to rotting or decomposition, […]

What is the difference between leather and suede?

Leather and suede are two materials that are frequently utilized in the production of apparel, footwear, accessories and guitar straps! Both are created from animal hides, but they are processed and finished differently, resulting in significant texture, durability, and appearance variances. The hides of animals such as cows, sheep, and pigs are tanned to make […]

Various types of leather

Leather, crafted from animal hides, is a strong yet pliable material. It’s used to produce everything from clothes to shoes to furniture to accessories. All the various leathers out there have their own special qualities. Full-Grain Leather is the greatest quality of leather since it is tanned just from the outermost layer of the cowhide. […]