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The history of guitar straps

Straps for guitars have been around for well over a century, and their development has paralleled that of the instrument itself. Early guitarists often took a seat while strumming their guitars. Since this was the case, a guitar strap wasn’t necessary. Straps weren’t really needed until the early 20th century, when guitarists started playing their […]

Acoustic Guitar Bracing

The evolution of the bracing used in acoustic guitars has been marked by a long and winding road of exploration and innovation, both of which have played significant parts in the instrument’s overall growth. Luthiers and builders of guitars have been experimenting with various bracing patterns ever since the instrument was first developed in order […]

Introducing – Pin Master – Acoustic End Pin Jack Strap Lock Set!

Now that you have your Franklin Strap and are ready to use it, you might notice that your acoustic’s end pin jack doubles as a strap pin. Many times there’s not quite enough room between the body of the instrument and lip of the jack to secure a thicker strap. For this, we offer you […]

Jason Recht In-Time Modulation

Our good friend Jason is a talented young up in coming artist from New Jersey. He was kind enough to put together a video showcasing our Glider Capo! In-time modulation is a very neat trick, especially to show off the full potential of the capo, but our Glider is an incredible stand alone capo as […]