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Absolutely! Just reach out and we’ll take care of you. Call 615-791-7057 or email and a real person will take care of your issue the best they can.  To expedite the process, please place the original packing slip in with the return shipment. Please return to 3026 Owen Dr STE 108 Antioch, TN 37013.  Once we receive it, we can ship out your replacement.

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Yes! We are able to personalize your strap in many ways. It’s best to contact us directly with custom requests like this. Email

Our Glider Capo isn’t designed to work on 12 strings. Only 6 string acoustic and electric guitars. For 12 strings, besides the neck radius, the struggle is having enough tension to hold down the octave strings but with any more tension it won’t glide with ease and could pinch the strings out of tune. I’ve seen the Glider work on 12 strings about 50% of the time and the feedback we get from customers reflects that same percentage. It depends entirely on the set up of the guitar, and since that’s completely subjective to the individual’s preference, it’s impossible for us to tell you ahead of time whether it will work. Here are some specs that work in favor of the physics of how the Glider works:

Light-(low)Medium gauge strings, lower action, no bowing in the neck.Also, it depends entirely on the make/model because some are hard body small radius 12 strings (which would work better) and some are jumbo (which have a wider radius and is a stretch for the Glider.) If the neck isn’t too big, the good news is that you can always have your 12 string set up specifically for the Glider to work which would include the specs above. Unfortunately this is the best I can help if you are committed to making it work for a 12 string.

We offer 13” or 31” tails for models that have a tail piece. You can find those listings under accessories. The stock length is about 21” so that gives you plenty of room.The models without a tail piece have sliding adjusters that give you a massive range of length.The vast majority of people don’t have a problem with these kinds of designs, in terms of being short enough, however, they reach to about 60” and if you need more than that, I would suggest looking for a model we can ship to you with an extension tail instead of a slider.

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