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Introducing Glove Leather Wireless Transmitter and In Ear Monitor Pouch

Those of you that enjoy the freedom of a wireless unit on stage, rest assured, your new Franklin Strap is perfectly compatible! Whether you have a 2”, 2.5” or 3” Franklin, your mind can be at ease because the last thing you should be thinking about on stage is whether or not your transmitter will […]

NEW Franklin Strap Trucker Hat

Get ready to top off your musical swagger! 🎸  Franklin Strap is thrilled to introduce our latest obsession: Trucker Hats! Crafted for comfort and style, these hats are the perfect addition to your look. Whether you’re strumming your favorite chords or hitting the streets, our Trucker Hats offer: Ultimate Comfort: Breathable mesh backs and adjustable snaps for the […]

NEW D60 in Chocolate Buffalo leather!

The Deluxe 60 is a 2” strap crafted with a dual ply blend of robust leather with a beautiful naturally textured surface. No bonded leather of paper thin splits here! Given the intense demands live rock performance places on a strap, the surface of the Deluxe 60 has just a bit more finish than our regular naked leather. This […]

Introducing – Pin Master – Acoustic End Pin Jack Strap Lock Set!

Now that you have your Franklin Strap and are ready to use it, you might notice that your acoustic’s end pin jack doubles as a strap pin. Many times there’s not quite enough room between the body of the instrument and lip of the jack to secure a thicker strap. For this, we offer you […]

NEW American Bison strap!

Bison is somewhat new to us here at Franklin Strap, but it’s quickly becoming one of the most intriguing materials we’ve utilized. Bison is remarkably robust and slightly thicker than our signature Franklin glove leather. Its mostly organically tanned and usually not stretched as much as cow hide making it 35-40% stronger boasting a rugged, […]