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Franklin Strap has been represented by the best musical retailers in America since 1999.  Our owner, Greg, spent a career traveling around the country and building strong long lasting relationships we still have today.  Franklin was built from the ground up with our dealers in mind.  Our current staff today still carries on the those relationships and continues to grow everyday.  Our catalog was designed so that your inventory dollars are put to the best use.  As a small business, we understand that every cent matters.  Each one of our series is a consumer market designed for the needs of a specific person.  You will find very little redundancy in our designs including our color choices.  Every single model shares an economic, quality and aesthetic criteria that defines our brand.  Our customer service is unparalleled.  You call the number and someone that can help answers.  No struggling to find the right contact or hunt down an outside sales rep for answers.  Call 615-791-7057 and we will be there.

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