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NEW American Bison strap!

Bison is somewhat new to us here at Franklin Strap, but it’s quickly becoming one of the most intriguing materials we’ve utilized. Bison is remarkably robust and slightly thicker than our signature Franklin glove leather. Its mostly organically tanned and usually not stretched as much as cow hide making it 35-40% stronger boasting a rugged, […]

New strap design!

Introducing our first all white bison leather strap! Bison is slightly different to the touch than our typical glove leather. It’s thicker but still has a softness to it. We’ve always been nervous about white leather straps because a super soft white leather can potentially get marked up not to mention the natural inconsistency in […]

Unproduced snippet of the new Glider Capo website demo with Chi McClean

We are wrapping up the final touches of our new Glider website! Our good friend Chi McClean was kind enough to let us film him jammin’ outside in the Music City Agricultural Center. This is an unproduced snipped of a much larger series coming out this summer featuring many Tonal Music artists! Stay tuned!

Jason Recht In-Time Modulation

Our good friend Jason is a talented young up in coming artist from New Jersey. He was kind enough to put together a video showcasing our Glider Capo! In-time modulation is a very neat trick, especially to show off the full potential of the capo, but our Glider is an incredible stand alone capo as […]

Greg plays a fingerstyle version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Gear Used: Franklin Strap Sculpted Suede Snake Skin Martin OMC-15 Zoom H6 Line 6 Vetta 2 Rare Earth Sound Hole Pickup Fishman Enhance Saddle Pickup