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Introducing Glove Leather Wireless Transmitter and In Ear Monitor Pouch

Those of you that enjoy the freedom of a wireless unit on stage, rest assured, your new Franklin Strap is perfectly compatible! Whether you have a 2”, 2.5” or 3” Franklin, your mind can be at ease because the last thing you should be thinking about on stage is whether or not your transmitter will […]

NEW Franklin Strap Trucker Hat

Get ready to top off your musical swagger! 🎸  Franklin Strap is thrilled to introduce our latest obsession: Trucker Hats! Crafted for comfort and style, these hats are the perfect addition to your look. Whether you’re strumming your favorite chords or hitting the streets, our Trucker Hats offer: Ultimate Comfort: Breathable mesh backs and adjustable snaps for the […]

NEW D60 in Chocolate Buffalo leather!

The Deluxe 60 is a 2” strap crafted with a dual ply blend of robust leather with a beautiful naturally textured surface. No bonded leather of paper thin splits here! Given the intense demands live rock performance places on a strap, the surface of the Deluxe 60 has just a bit more finish than our regular naked leather. This […]

Alternate Guitar Tunings

A guitar’s strings must be tuned in order for the instrument to play the desired notes. Standard tuning, which consists of the notes E, A, D, G, and B, is the most popular choice for a guitar’s tuning system (from the low E string to the high E string). However, many guitarists also use “alternative […]

The general purpose of a capo

When attached to the guitar neck, a capo raises the pitch of all the strings by the same amount. The Italian term “capo” means “head,” which is fitting because the capo is located at the guitar’s neck. A capo is primarily used to alter the key of a song without requiring the guitarist to alter […]