About Us

Franklin Strap has been designing, manufacturing and distributing premium guitar straps and the Glider Capo since 1999. Our consistent premium quality materials, timeless designs, and support from the most successful musical retailers in America, have made Franklin America’s go-to guitar strap brand.

What makes our company unique is the overwhelming passion and life-long commitment to guitar our entire staff possesses.  Each one of us not only play, but have dedicated our lives to the instrument, including our founder, Greg Bennett, a well-known guitar designer, marketer and player.

Greg is a man who truly loves his guitar. You can tell, not only by the way he plays, but by talking to him about what makes a guitar work. It appears that Greg wrote the course, Guitar Design 101. A 30-year veteran, he continues to be at the forefront of innovative design. His credits range from the creation of the shallow body electric to high level management positions with Guitar Center, Washburn, Gibson, Kaman and Tascam. He has spec’d numerous successful instruments for these companies, as well as for Ibanez, Martin and Larivee. He also designed 250 new models for SMC, one of the largest guitar manufacturers in the world. The new designs encompassed the entire range of fretted instruments.

Greg’s continued success in creating viable products comes from the combination of 25 years of study in marketing, design and branding philosophy with an unassailable passion for the guitar and the music industry. An accomplished musician who has played professionally for 30 years, Greg is that rare breed of music industry businessmen who actually performs on the instruments he designs and markets. He has repeatedly wowed enthusiasts with his amazing finger style technique. Greg believes that the 700-plus guitar clinics he has given have provided him with empathy for the player, the product and the retailer that would be impossible to achieve any other way. Being able to feel the enthusiasm of the young players who attend the workshops is a continual reminder of why he pursued the guitar business.