NEW D60 in Chocolate Buffalo leather!

The Deluxe 60 is a 2” strap crafted with a dual ply blend of robust leather with a beautiful naturally textured surface. No bonded leather of paper thin splits here! Given the intense demands live rock performance places on a strap, the surface of the Deluxe 60 has just a bit more finish than our regular naked leather. This insures a greater degree of durability and longevity.

To add just a splash of flash, in true Franklin fashion, the Deluxe 60 is available with 5 different stitch options and a chocolate buffalo version with Caramel ends. The contrast stitching highlights our signature end tab shape which plays to the beautiful curves that define the iconic guitars we all love.

This beautifully crafted series is all about comfort, function, and style. It adjusts up to 60” long for precise positioning and may become a treasured member of your guitar collection.

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