NEW American Bison strap!

Bison is somewhat new to us here at Franklin Strap, but it’s quickly becoming one of the most intriguing materials we’ve utilized. Bison is remarkably robust and slightly thicker than our signature Franklin glove leather. Its mostly organically tanned and usually not stretched as much as cow hide making it 35-40% stronger boasting a rugged, yet elegant, look. Our chocolate American Bison leather is reminiscent of a sturdy pair of boots fit for a hard days work and a formal occasion alike. Our American Bison is backed in our signature supple deep knap honey suede insuring to provide slightly less slip on the shoulder. We can’t think of many guitars or basses that wouldn’t pair with this aesthetic. The most noticeable aspect of this model is the uniqueness of each individual strap. The worn nature to this leather makes it impossible to have any two of the exact same pattern. The utilitarian aspect to this strap is truly staggering. Whether you are pairing with a natural wood acoustic or a heavy black electric, this strap will fit in perfectly with just about any combination. Get yours today!

2 thoughts on “NEW American Bison strap!

  1. Arla l Tibbels says:

    Love your straps! Bought one awhile back for my husband. Can you please tell me if the all white bison strap could be used for bass?
    Thank you,

    • Charlton says:

      Yes it definitely can! However, that strap isn’t designed to soak up a lot of weight. I usually wouldn’t recommend a vintage design for a bass if its heavy but that’s completely subjective.

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