Strumming with the Glider Capo – featuring Chi McClean

Our good friend Chi shows off his Glider Capo! Get one here:

Keeps you in tune

Healthy on your frets and finish

Change keys seamlessly

Handmade in the USA

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  1. GhostGuitars says:

    What I’d like to see is how the Glider would perform on an electric, from 9.5″ radius to 16″ radius. I play almost exclusively electrics with my favorites having compound 9.5 to 12 or 12-16 radii, with others having a simple 12 to 14″ radii. I tried looking on YouTube and have only seen them used exclusively on acoustics and never on an electric.

  2. Sterling says:

    I have sent two orders, two requests try to buy one of your glider capo‘s. It says my message was sent and that’s where the road ended. I would still like to get one of these for my son out in LA
    But continue to get more frustrated at every turn of the page.
    I look forward to hearing back from you ASAP.

    • Charlton says:

      Thanks for the comment! Not sure what you’re experiencing…We are having no issues with our site and we receive orders daily. If you are having issues, our phone number is on our homepage 615-791-7057 we are happy to help!

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